Traffic Signal Operations Workshop

The Illinois Section of ITE, in conjunction with the Northwestern Center for Public Safety, hosted a two-day technical workshop titled Traffic Signal Operations on August 28th and 29th.  Over the course of the two days, Robert Seyfried, P.E., PTOE led the discussion regarding all things signals, including:

  • Traffic Signal Phasing
  • Phasing of Non-traditional Intersections/Interchanges
  • Traffic Signal Timing Principals
  • Actuated Control - Detector Placement, Timing Criteria and Large Area Presence Detection
  • Principles of Signal System Operation and Timing
  • HCM Applications in Signal Phasing and Timing
  • Signal Preemption at Intersections Near Railroad Grade Crossings
  • Countermeasures for Red-Light Running

The course was a rousing success and all attendees were granted 15 PDHs.  A special thanks to Robert Seyfried and NUCPS for providing this valuable resource to the members of the Illinois Section of ITE and to Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways for providing a venue to host the event.