The success of the Illinois Section is due to the hard work of our volunteers who serve on the Executive Board, as Group Directors, and on our many committees.  If you are interested in any open positions in the groups below, please contact the group director for more information on roles and responsibilities.

Vice President


                        John Wirtz

                        John Wirtz


                      Brian Roberts

                      Brian Roberts

                    Ryan Jacox

                    Ryan Jacox


Immediate Past President

                        Mike Phan

                        Mike Phan

Activities Group

Director: Thomas Szabo

Program: Kelly Dunne
House & Special Events: Ybette Ochoa
Technical Liaison: Dante Perez-Bravo
Awards: Jessica Slaton Carrol

Technical Group

Director: Jenna Brose

Technical Event Development: Lina Campuzano &  Yves-Marie Monereau
Technical Event Implementation: Thomas F. Szabo
Technical Publications: Mouyid Islam

Student Affairs Group

Director: Ashley Hochstatter

Deputy Student Affairs Director: Cody Wittenkeller

Public Affairs Group

Director: Monica Shei

Conference Coordination: Chester Kropidlowski
Legislative Affairs: Thomas Glueckert 
Liaison: Kim Kolody-Silverman
Website: Monica Shei

Operations Group

Director: Katelyn Bleach 

Advertising: Bill Eidson
Ambassador: Open
ITEms: Thomas Glueckert