How to Join the Illinois Section


ILITE is a diverse group. Our members hail from the public and private sector as traffic engineers, transportation planners, landscape architects, policy makers, and more. No matter what your role is in the industry, there is a membership that is right for you. ITE International membership provides the greatest benefits, including:

  • Automatic membership in the Illinois Section
  • Subscription to the monthly ITE Journal
  • Access to ITE Community, an online forum where transportation professionals exchange ideas and technical information
  • Bi-weekly ITE Connect e-newsletter that keeps you up to date on industry developments
  • Membership pricing for ITE webinars and seminars, as well as all Illinois Section professional luncheons and technical training opportunities
  • Access to a searchable resource database of transportation-related articles and studies
  • Discounts in the ITE Bookstore

Continue to read on each of the membership types below to find the membership that's right for you:

ILITE Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership of the Illinois Section is designed for those who are engaged in fields related to transportation engineering, who are in a position to work with transportation engineers by virtue of official positions or commercial employment, or who are students in a recognized engineering school (if not already a Student Member of ITE). Affiliate membership costs $20 per year (prorated quarterly for mid-year applications). To apply for affiliate membership with the Illinois Section, fill out the form below.

Application Submittal Date:  Dues/Student Dues

Jan 1  - March 31 : $20 / $10
April 1 - June 30: $15 / $10
July 1 - Sept 30: $10 / $10
Oct 1 - Dec 31:  $5  / $5

If you are a member of International ITE, you are a Regular Section Member. No check is required. However, you may complete the membership application to update your personal information with the Section.

If you are not a member of International ITE, click below to apply for the Affiliate Membership.  

Young Professional Membership: $30 to 30

ITE has approved a new membership structure designed to make it easier for young professionals to participate in our organization. The $30 to 30 Program ramps up your dues gradually from college graduation until age 30. Learn more about Young Member Initiatives with ITE and join today!

Public Sector Membership

ITE offers two options for public agency staff to become International Members of our organization. The Traditional Dues Option provides individual memberships for a specific number of staff members, and the amount billed is based on the number of individuals included in the membership of the agency. A sample dues schedule is shown below.

The Flat Fee Dues Option is designed to provide individual memberships for an unlimited number of eligible professional staff members in an agency. This allows flexibility to add and replace members at any time at no additional cost. The fee structure for this option is as follows:

 *all amounts listed are in U.S. dollars (USD).

*all amounts listed are in U.S. dollars (USD).

Fill out this application above for public agency membership in ITE, or go to the ITE website today to learn more!

Student Membership

Students can be international members of ITE, too – and this makes you an automatic member of the Illinois Section! Student membership is free for the first year and only $30 for every subsequent year. Fill out your application today!